We started with our feet in the snow and in the water, following and filming our high-level athlete friends on their travels. That’s how it all began. We were fortunate and got to travel all over alongside them. We experienced some difficult conditions, discovered new cultures, explored new environments and made fortuitous relationships. That is what shaped us. Traveling the world, often times in extreme conditions.

So, yes, we film extreme sports and we produce films about snowboarding and surfing, but at our core, it was just that – going to explore the world with friends and coming back with stories that filled our hearts and our memory cards. That is what drove us then and that is what keeps driving us now.

Today, our projects vary with interests in subjects such as automobile, music and fashion, to name a few. While our work has expanded, our curiosity and our fundamentals are forever engraved in us.

We are storytellers. Let us tell your story.


Durée : 42min12s
Réalisateur : Julien Roserens & Morgan Le Faucheur
Lieu : France, Suisse, Italie 
Année : 2019


Somewhere in the wild expanse of the Alps mountains, our group of five friends, boards and climbing skins underfoot, marvel at the vast untracked mountain faces and the majesty of the surrounding peaks.

Featuring Jeremy JONES, Mat SCHAER, Levi LUGGEN, Léo TAILLEFER and Thomas DELFINO, our group of snowboarders is willing to travel and ride the mountains in a more environmentally-responsible way, always with the objective in mind to reduce their carbon footprint.

Written and Directed : Julien Roserens & Morgan Le Faucheur
Produced by : Franck Corbery & Morgan Le Faucheur
Co Produced by : Picture Organic Clothing
Featuring : Jeremy Jones, Mathieu Schaer, Léo Taillefer, Levi Luggen, Thomas Delfino, Serge Lambert
Filming by : Julien Roserens, Pierre Frechou, Morgan Le Faucheur, Léo Taillefer, Ben Nardini
Aerial Cinematography  : Pierre Frechou
Post Production Supervisor & Editing : Leo Mercier
Color Grading & Sound Design : Ben Nardini

Text Adaptation : Philippe Battaglia
Photography : Vernon Deck, Jerome Tanon
Original Soundtrack : Mome


Durée : 12min41s
Réalisateur : Julie Gautier Nery, Guillaume Nery
Lieu : Philippines, Mexico, Mauritius, Japan, Finland, French Polynesia, France.
Année : 2019


In their new short film, One Breath Around the World, French apnea champion Guillaume Néry and his also free diver wife Julie Gautier, take viewers on an underwater odyssey across the globe. Shooting in locations from Mauritius to Mexico to Japan and many stops in between, Néry and Gautier draw on their extensive experience to explore submerged ruins, swim beneath a thick sheet of ice, mingle with a pod of sleeping sperm whales. In the process, they capture mesmerizing images of parts of the planet unseen by most of its human inhabitants.

Produced by : #lesfilmsengloulits / Almo Film
Co Produced by : Guillaume Nery and Morgan Le Faucheur
Director of photography : Julie Gautier Nery
Editing and sound design : Ben Nardini
Post Production  : Leonard mercier
Original soundtrack : Guillaume Ferran

SHAKA : Born in the mountains raised by the waves

Durée : 01h15min
Réalisé par : Morgan Le Faucheur
Lieux : Hawaii, Indonésie, France, USA
Année : 2018


Between oceans and mountains, here is the unique adventure, the passionate journey of one of the greatest athlete of its generation; snowboarding world champion Mathieu Crepel.Some see it as a quest of the needless, others as a way of life. A reason to discover the world, to accomplish his dreams that sometimes turn out to be true feats…Filmed and told by his childhood friend, Mathieu challenges himself to surf the legendary wave of Jaws in Hawaii, an intimate tale with a feel good movie note. Shaka!

Almo film and Quiksilver present
Principal Cinematography : Ben Nardini, Morgan Le Faucheur, Laurent Pujol
Additional Cinematography : Pierre Frechou, Julie Gautier Nery
Editing supervisor : Ben Nardini
Written and Narrated : Morgan Le Faucheur
Post production and color grading : Léonard Mercier
Starring : Mathieu Crepel, Koa & Eddie Rothman, Guillaume Nery, Kepa Acero, Gerry Lopez, Victor Daviet, Nathan Fletcher & Friends

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ZABARDAST : A high altitude travel diary

Durée : 52min0s
Réalisateur : Jérôme Tanon
Lieu : Pakistan
Année : 2018


The intimate travel diary of an incredible freeride expedition into the heart of the Karakoram range. The search for one of the most beautiful mountains to ski on the planet, standing at 5880m. An adventure so remote, so high, so commited that no mistakes were allowed. During five weeks, the crew got deeper and deeper inside Pakistan, with a 150 km loop in complete autonomy, pulling sleds filled with food, tents and solar panels across gigantic glaciers. As far from home as one can get. A meeting point of Freeriding and Mountaineering. A true adventure.

Director of photography : Pierre Frechou
Cinematography : Julien Nadiras, Pierre Frechou
Editing : Jérôme Tanon
Post Production & Color Grading : Leonard mercier
Starring : Thomas Delfino, Léo Taillefer, Zak Mills, Yannick Graziani, Hélias Millerioux, Jérôme Tanon 

STORM TROOPERS : a no fly zone expedition in Alaska

Durée : 29min06s
Réalisateur : Morgan Le Faucheur
Lieu : Alaska
Année : 2017


Following the path of the greatest free riders and the extreme desire to bring this summit back to life, Léo & Thomas set out on a journey to the top by walk, a first time in its history ! On the Arctic lands where climate change is real, the challenge takes on its full meaning behave with humility to protect and enjoy the magic of these lands Alaska !

Principal Cinematography : Ben Nardini, Evan Rouillard, Morgan Le Faucheur
Editing : Ben Nardini, Le Faucheur Morgan
Artwork by : David Tchag
Music Supervision : Alex Nebout, Morgan Le Faucheur
Starring : Mathieu Crepel, Victor Daviet, Thomas Delfino, Sylvain Bourbousson
And Friends : Victor de Le Rue, Sébastien Konijnenberg, Jørn Simen Aabøe, Johann Baisamy, Valérian Ducourtil, Perly Photographer, Cody Booth, Zach Clanton


Durée : 58min04s
Réalisateur : Morgan Le Faucheur
Lieux : USA, France, Alaska, Switzerland
Année : 2016



Written & directed by : Morgan Le Faucheur
Director of photography : JR Ceron
Aerial cinematography : Pierre Frechou
Post Production & Editing : Ben Nardini Morgan Le Faucheur
Music Supervision : Alex Nebout Morgan Le Faucheur
Starring : Thomas Delfino, Léo Taillefer, Zach Clanton, Tony Pavlantos, Drake Olson


Durée : 49min58s
Réalisateur : Morgan Le Faucheur
Lieux : Japan, Austria, USA, Switzerland, France, Norway, Italia
Année : 2015


Ladies and Gentlemens, snowboarding ! So why we snowboard so much ? Maybe it’s because we can’t stand the routine, that’s why we go out there everyday, on a snowboard a surf or a skate, it’s just an excuse. For more than 15 years, we’ve been traveling the world, we got to see new places, crazy places sometimes, meet new people and different cultures. It’s a chance that we have to actually push ourself to get to know ourself. It’s a real adventure….!
Stepping out of our COMFORT ZONE is how we make things Happen.

Filming & Editing : Evan Rouillard, Mathieu Mazuel, Morgan Le Faucheur
Motion Design : Evan Rouillard
Artwork : Alban Hillion, Emilie Baronnat
Music Supervision : Alex Nebout, Morgan Le Faucheur
Starring : Mathieu Crépel, Victor Daviet, Victor Delerue, Pat Burgener, Enzo Nilo, Thomas Delfino, Sylvain Bourbousson, Jorn Simmen Aaboe, Boris Mouton, Sebbe Debuck, Markus Olimstad, Fred Couderc, Valérian Ducourtil, Morgan Le Faucheur & friends…


Durée : 31min48s
Réalisateur : Morgan Le Faucheur
Lieux : Japan, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italia, Norway, Alaska
Année : 2014


Filming & Editing : Evan Rouillard, Mathieu Mazuel
Motion Design : Evan Rouillard
Artwork : Emilie Baronnat
Starring : Mathieu Crépel, Victor Delerue, Sebbe Debuck, Sylvain Bourbousson, Jorn Simmen Aaboe, Thomas Delfino, Victor Daviet, Morgan Le Faucheur, Laurent Duhalde, Fred Couderc


Durée : 38min06s
Réalisateur : Morgan Le Faucheur
Lieux : Japan, USA, Norway, Alaska, France, Switzerland, Italia
Année : 2013

Produced by : Almo film, Morgan Le Faucheur
Filming & Editing : Evan Rouillard, Mathieu Mazuel
Motion Design : Evan Rouillard
Starring : Mathieu Crépel, Victor Delerue, Sylvain Bourbousson, Thomas Delfino, Victor Daviet, Morgan Le Faucheur, Laurent Duhalde, David Livet, Fred Couderc



Durée : 36min23s
Réalisateur : Morgan Le Faucheur, Alban Jehlen, Julien Rodrigues
Lieux : France, Kazakhstan
Année : 2012


Some amazing riding from this crew of Frenchmen. They definitely have fun when they ride.

Filmed by : Julien Rodrigues,Fred Schwal
Motion Design : David “Dash” Schaller
Edited by : Julien Rodrigues
Starring : Sylvain Bourbousson, Fred Couderc, Morgan Le Faucheur, David Livet, Victor Daviet Yrwan’Golden”Garcia Léal Ugo Maréchal Félix Carlier Also Starring : David Benedek Josh Dirksen Louif Paradis Wolle Nyvelt Herve Dalmolin and more…