Our story didn’t start in Advertising.


Action Sports and outdoor industry, that’s where we come from. Board Culture is our DNA.
What drives us? Exploring the world, working on inspiring projects, building and telling original stories.
Today, we have gathered years of travel, hours of filming, meetings with amazing people and crazy projects in our luggage. We’ve also been very lucky to collaborate with artists, brands, and athletes from the whole world.

We are convinced that a collective made of talents will always prevail.
ALMO is not only made up of fifty or so creative and skilled partners, but it’s also a huge international community of nearly 25, 000 people.

The community is supporting us and every project we’ve been working on. She’s there, she’s alive and she daily makes ALMO alive in real life and on the social media channels and digital networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and Youtube.”

Basically: We are ALMO.

All the projects, even the smallest are welcome! Here we are doing things properly. We think bigger !


We are experts. We’ve built our reputation to become a reference in the outdoor industry. And inevitably we’ve quickly wanted to work on other projects and to do loads of other things because this is what we are. We are passionate. We always want more.

Actually, we’re working on very different projects in sport, lifestyle, fashion, travel, automobile industry, entertainment and corporate fields. We also like them since we’re free to produce content that both fits your and our identity. You wanna create an original content for your Kevlar panties/underwear brand? You’ve come to the right place and we have already a lot of ideas.

So ALMO is more than a reference in the industry. It’s also a way to see the future, an integrated 360 multimedia studio, an alternative and new way to produce content.

And a new media under construction.

We are Almo

ALMO is not only a production company


Our workflow has been thought to be simple and efficient. Once the project is defined according to your needs and budget, we take care of all its production from A to Z in order to deliver you an original and unique campaign ready to be shared and broadcasted on your channels.

From scratch…


All the stages of production are integrated to our studio to optimize our work and the work of our beloved clients. From the writing to the post-production including shooting, location scouting and casting, we take care of everything and we pick up from our family/team/crew the most qualified people that best suit your project.

Between a blank page and the last buzz, there is not only work but also a dozen of jobs and a workflow to be set up. We know that.

In our crew, we have directors, cameramen, directors of photography, drone pilots, VFX experts, motion and sound designers, photographers, graphic designers, calibrators, copywriters, … And they are ready to work with you and in collaboration with your team.

We fit your processes and needs. We are fearless. And we can travel everywhere even to the top of the Himalaya or the mountain peaks of Alaska. We did it several times for our movies or the campaigns we worked on. And it’s not about to change!